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About Us

Hands-On Ultrasound Training

Sonosession is a team of ultrasound educators who provide dynamic training techniques to instruct medical practitioners to accurately perform ultrasound examinations. Our instructors are sonographers and physicians with decades of experience in ultrasound. We have run ultrasound departments, worked in high risk obstetric departments, functioned as applications specialist for large ultrasound equipment manufacturers, and worked as ultraosund clinical instructors and curriculum creators. We teach at leading hospital systems, universities, private practices, birthing centers and rural health clinics.

Our team is passionate about equipping the medical practitioners with practical and applicable ultrasound training. We do this by:

  • We keep classes small. Only 4 students per class for maximum scan time and individual attention. 
  • We scan on live patients. Our Ob Gyn ultrasound courses have patients from first to third trimester, non-gravid pelvic exams and IUD patients.  These courses include transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound exams. 
  • Our courses include video instruction on scanning technique to prepare you fo rthe live scanning session. During the live session we begin with a review of the machine to maximize image quality and efficiency. We then demonstrate a systematic approach to evaluating the patient. This develops a health pattern so nothing is missed. Then it is your turn! We give you the transducer and instruct as you go. 
  • Our teaching style is simple. We provide online lectures for base learning. The online lecture includes physics, anatomy, ultrasound terminology and knobology, pathology, abnormal findings, image orientation and scanning technique. 
  • We tailor our ultrasound courses to suit the needs of our students.